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R & D

R & D

One of AIR fire’s advantages is its thorough know-how manufacturing, distributing, installing as well as servicing fire suppression products. This exclusive in-depth knowledge allows the Research and Development team to come up with innovative solutions that have been conceived taking into account the clients and the processes involved.

Our high performance team converts the markets’ needs into solutions, starting from scratch. Brain storming ideas incessantly creating initial sketches and designs, which are then analyzed on the computer, then they are rapidly prototyped into initial test samples. Once confident, the samples are tested: a small batch is produced to start testing its performance according to the various international standards under the watchful eye of the most renowned independent institutions such as, Rina, VdS, LPCB, UL and FM. The process ends with the mass production of the new components.

These developments allow AIR fire to keep updated and able to compete in the continuously fast changing global market. The high speed (with which) the world is evolving requires AIRfire to be flexible and able to quickly answer to new requests arising from the clients and the society as a whole.

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  •   Barcelona (SPAIN)
  •   (+34) 933 249 094
  •   C/ Mata 21, Local - 08004

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