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In AIRfire we strive to develop innovative solutions providing alternatives to our clients to protect all of the hazards that they may have in their facilities in the most efficient way.

These are the cases where the hazards needed to be protected are enclosed in small volumes/ voids, making the use of normal fixed fire suppression systems complicated and inadequate.

For this reason, AIRfire has decided to develop a specific system for these particular applications guaranteeing ease of design, installation and maintenance and, of course, appropriate extinguishing capabilities.



  • Precise installation around critical fire sources. Fire suppression agent is transported through a special hi-tech polymer tube exactly to the origin of the fire.
  • The flexible polymer tube is heat sensitive along its entire length, which is the equivalent of having a full detection line.
  • High and low pressure systems available with Carbon Dioxide and HFC-227 agents offering most adequate solutions for each application, ensuring no corrosion, electrical non conductivity and no production of residues upon discharge.
  • New valve technology, incorporating integrated ball valve and pressure regulated exit (high pressure systems) avoid accidental discharges during transportation, manipulation and installation.
  • No external power supply required. System is 100% pneumatically / mechanically actuated.



The ARMANfire systems offer cost effective protection which ensure fast fire response, detection and suppression all-in-one. 24 hours / 365 days nonstop stand alone monitoring of the hazard in question ensures immediate action at the origin of the heat-source, preventing collateral damage.

Specifically designed for small voids market niche, where normal fixed systems are poor in performance. They have been designed according International Standards, and assembled in such a way they are delivered as kits with all the necessary components and tools to install easily and rapidly.

Check out its key features:

  • Pre-engineered: you will receive all the necessary material for installation as a ready to assemble kit.
  • Maintenance and installation: you will receive the starter kit tool box with all necessary tools for the adequate system installation and maintenance.
  • Promotion: AIRfire supports the promotion of these systems, by providing demo kits as well as assisting in the designing of small showrooms to carry out real tests.

Two main configurations are available:

  • Tube Discharge Systems, the sensor tube acts as detection and fire suppression, self-activating the system. Ideal for very small volumes.
  • Nozzle discharge systems, the sensor tube acts as detection and once it has burst, the extinguishing agent is discharged through a separate pipe and nozzles.


ARMANfire systems have the advantage to attack the fire by total flooding discharge but acting directly at the fire source. Most common applications are electrical cabinets, telecommunication racks, control panels, CNC machines to name a few.



The components as well as the systems assembled with them have been verified and approved by the following independent, third-party bodies:

  • UL listed HFC-227 agent.
  • Pi (π) marking, according to TPED 2010/35/EU

Our engineers are prepared to design the ARMANfire fire suppression projects according to the required standard:

  • NFPA 2001: 2015, NFPA 17: 2013 and NFPA 17A: 2013
  • EN15004: 2008
  • AS 5062
  • FM 5970


Contact AIRfire for further details regarding our certificates.


ARMANfire Chef

Thanks to the technological capabilities of the ARMANfire base systems, AIRfire decided to go one step further and develop a system specific for Kitchen equipment protection. Named ARMANfire Chef it includes all the characteristics and key features listed before, with the added feature that it uses the more appropriate wet chemical agent.


  • Cooling caused by heat vaporisation.
  • The fine spray discharge prevents the dangerous splash of hot grease/ oil or thermal shock damage to cooking appliances.
  • High-rate protection, up to 45 litres of burning oil covered by only one nozzle.
  • Re-ignition is prevented by a process in which the wet chemical agent combines with the grease to form a soapy layer at the surface sealing off the fuel from the oxygen, allowing the grease to cool to below its auto-ignition temperature.
  • Eco-friendly AFFF agent with quick biodegradability, up to 72% after 3 days and needs less oxygen to achieve it complete (>99%). Free of PFOS and PFAS.



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